Unique Product Development

Development system for unique technology

Our development work is pushing the boundaries of processing technology, while still respecting the fundamental principles of the component technologies founded on simulation-based virtual design and SEM-based micro-observation.

Our integrated manufacturing based on wider vision allows us to tackle the technological issues in each process and to build manufacturing processes, cost control systems and quality control systems.

By separating the Technology Division from the Manufacturing Division, we develop new processing methods and patented technologies with a flexible approach, unfettered by traditional fixed ideas.

Our assiduous young engineers keep abreast of topical or technological issue and are experienced at dealing with challenging development themes. In addition, we promote activities to explore and enhance our technologies.


Product development capability for special materials and special processing

We also handle other areas that are considered difficult by other companies, such as special materials, special processing and manufacturing of special shapes.

We also work pro-actively on extremely difficult products, such as concept-stage products and unprecedented products. As and when required, we deliver highly reliable products to strict technological requirements through tie-ups with partner factories that each have their own technological capabilities.

We deliver products that satisfy both customer needs and functional requirements by utilizing the technological and manufacturing know-how that we have cultivated as well as the material properties that we have developed.