Environmental Protection Initiatives

Environmentally friendly manufacturing

In recognition of our deep involvement in environmental protection as a specialist maker of products (precision fasteners) that are necessities for society and industry, we are engaged in the following sorts of environmental protection activities.

Compliance with ELV regulations and the RoHS directive

・ Introduction of the completely chromium-free Geomet treatment
・ Introduction of washers that use ionized alkaline water
・ Reduction of CO2 emissions by making products completely free of hexavalent chromium

Energy (CO2) reduction activities

・ Enforce “Cool Biz” activities and maintain air-conditioning temperature in offices at 27 degrees.
・ Realize rationalized distributions (delivery of products to customers, transport of materials and parts from suppliers) in order to prevent global warming and ensure the efficient use of resources.

Green procurement

・ United with customers and suppliers in procurement of materials and parts with a low environmental burden.

Reduction of waste materials

・ Established in-process solutions, technology and processing method development as part of an anti-pollution policy.
・ Adopted various material recycling measures, such as switching to materials that can easily be easily recycled or reused within the company and using reclaimed materials.

Environmental policy of ISO14001

Basic principle

We consider tackling environmental protection to be the most important issue for management and will endeavor to reduce the environmental burden of all production activities. We will also contribute to the building of a sustainable society by developing and supplying technologies and products that support environmental protection.

Environmental policy

1. Comply with environmental laws and regulations and strive for continuous improvement of environmental protection.
2. Promote activities that conserve resources, save energy and prevent pollution.
3. Promote environmental awareness/education activities.
4. Maintain awareness and sense of responsibility as a member of the local community.