Equipment Information

List of main equipment

Cold forging equipment

This shapes the head of a screw. Depending on the purpose and the delivery schedule, we have an assortment of various types of machines, from multi-layered processing machines capable of forming complicated shapes to speedy processing systems.


Equipment Name Capability Number
Part former 6D-6B φ27X155 1
φ10x50 2
5D-5B φ16X100 1
φ8X60 1
4D-4B φ10X60 1
φ8X60 1
Bolt former 3D-3B   5
Cold header 2D-3B   19
2D-2B   22
1D-2B   13


Thread rolling equipment

The screw’s thread is formed in thread rolling, which is one of the indispensable processes in screw forming. Depending on the material and the delivery schedule, we use different types of machines to meet customer needs.


Equipment Name Number
Hydraulic roller thread rolling machine     7
Cam type roller thread rolling machine     3
Washer contained thread rolling machine     10
Plate type thread rolling machine     33
Three-dies precision screw thread rolling machine     1

Cutting equipment

We also possess expertise in cutting, a type of forming that is essential for specialty-shaped objects that cannot be formed by heading. We have a selection of multi-axis models to suit the purpose and delivery deadline

Equipment Name Capability Number
Composite CNC lathe     6
NC automatic lathe     41
Secondary cutting machine     16


Surface treatment (Geomet) equipment

This is an environment-friendly next-generation surface treatment that does not contain any chromic compounds. It delivers excellent corrosive resistance of more than 1,500 hrs in SST, even though it is chromium-free. The processing liquid is water-based, so also complies with American VOC regulations.

Equipment Name Capability
  • Number
Dipping spin paint line φ650 12,000kg/day 2

Dipping spin and electrostatic spray paint drying hanger

400kg/day 1
Top coat dipping spin paint line φ650 6,000kg/day 1
Solvent cleaning machine (two-tank rotation type) 9,600kg/day 1
Ionized water cleaning machine (four-tank barrel type) 8,000kg/day 1
Steel blast (drum type) 3,000kg/day 3
Steel blast (rubber tumbler type) 5,000kg/day 2
Steel blast (hanger type)   1


Heat treatment equipment

Equipment Name Capability Number
Continuous non-oxidation quenching and tempering furnace   8,000kg/day 1


All-item inspection machine

Items that can be inspected

Cross hole shape. W diameter. SL. W thickness. Screw. Screw length. Axis length. Head length. Under-head length. Heterogeneous mixing. Hardness.

Equipment Name   Number
GI360 inspection machine   1
Kotsu inspection machine


Assembling equipment

Equipment Name   Number
Vibration damper assembling machine   3