Geomet Treatment

What is Geomet treatment?

Geomet treatment is a surface treatment with excellent anti-rust protection that can be used as a chromium-free substitute for dacrotized treatment. Amidst increasing global concern about environmental problems, it is attracting attention as a new technology for rust-inhibitive surface treatment. Fujita has two dip spin lines and one hanger line.

Samples of Geomet-treated products Treatment applied on the latest fully automated line
(Dipping spin method)

Characteristics of Geomet treatment

Water-based and completely chromium free
This is an environment-friendly treatment that uses a water-based processing liquid. This surface treatment uses a closed system that does not emit any waste water during processing, so it is good for both the natural environment and for the working environment.
No chromium compounds are used in the coating during the process, and it is fully compliant with ELV regulations and the RoHS directive.

Excellent heat and corrosion resistance

The coating applied during Geomet treatment boasts excellent heat resistance.
The coating can withstand high temperatures for a long time, compared to electro-galvanizing.

It also displays superior corrosion resistance, surviving a salt spray test for more than 1,000 hours.