Company History

May, 1942 Fujita Shoten established in Osu, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi.
Fujita Kokuki Seisakusho established the following year in Ozone Higashi-ku.
Becomes the partner factory of Mitsubishi Kokuki Seisakusho.
May, 1945 Company headquarters moved to Hioki-dori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi (now known as Meieki Minami, Nakamura-ku).
August, 1951 Fujita Shokai Inc. incorporated with a capita of 800,000 yen.
April, 1954 Screw manufacturing factory built in Hioki-dori, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi (now known as Meieki Minami, Nakamura-ku).
March, 1956 Trading name changed to Fujita Rashi Kougyou Co., Ltd. Capital increased to 2 million yen.
November, 1958 Built a new steel-reinforced 4-storey building for our headquarters on Hioki-dori, Nakamura-ku (now known as Meieki Minami, Nakamura-ku).
March, 1961 Built Nakagawa Factory and a wood-framed company dormitory on 4,630㎡ of land in Haikecho, Nakagawa-ku, Nagoya-shi.
January, 1968 Nakagawa Sales Office opened on the Nakagawa site.
April, 1971 Built a new steel-reinforced 5-storey sales office, warehouse and a company residence on 9,448㎡ of land acquired in Yoshiwaracho, Toyota-shi.
March, 1978 Acquired dacrotization manufacturing rights from Nippon Dacro Shamrock and built dacrotization factory on the Toyota site.
May, 1980 Opened a bolt kit factory on the Toyota site, the third Toyota factory.
August, 1980 Built a new steel-reinforced 3-storey building and a 2-storey warehouse in Haikecho, Nakagawa-ku and moves the Nakagawa Sales Office there.
July, 1987 Built a new steel-reinforced 4-storey second factory (2,950㎡) at Nakagawa (now Nagoya).
October, 1988 Acquired land (1,027㎡) adjoining the Toyota factories and builds a heat treatment factory.
June, 1990 Started an employee stock ownership association.
April, 1991 Due to independence of the Kuken Division, established NPK as a 100% owned subsidiary with capital of 10 million yen.
December, 1992 Built a new steel-framed 4-storey factory (917.7㎡) on 1,935 m2 of land in Mitsubuchihara Shinden, Komaki-shi that was acquired in March 1991.
July, 1997 Established local subsidiary Fujita Rashi (Thailand) Co., Ltd. in Thailand.
January, 1998 Opened Nagoya Laboratory in the Nagoya Factory.
June, 1998 Acquired F.Q.A. (US Fastener Quality Act) certification.
December, 1999 Established local subsidiary Fujita Rashi (USA) Corp. in America.
September, 2000 Acquired ISO9001 and QS9000 (the quality system standard of the US Big Three).
October, 2000 Opened Shizuoka Sales Division in Shimizucho, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka-ken.
April, 2002 Acquired ISO14001 certification.
April, 2003 Local Thai subsidiary built new factory and moved operations there.
December, 2005 Acquired ISO9001 (2000 version) certification, renewed QS9000 certification.
February, 2006 Established local subsidiary Guangzhou Fujita Rashi Trade Co.,Ltd. in China.
May, 2006 Completed move from dacrotization processing to Geomet treatment.
January, 2007 Acquired ISO/TS16949 certification.
June, 2008 Thai local subsidiary acquired ISO9001 certification and completed expansion of factory.
August, 2008 Completed Toyota office building and warehouse.
September, 2009 Started a business that supports manufacturing and prototype development.
September, 2010 Acquired land (42,428㎡) for building a new Okazaki Factory.
October, 2011 Completed the Okazaki Factory.
May, 2012 Opened the Okazaki Factory.
October, 2012 Established local subsidiary Fujita Rashi (Europe) s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.
September, 2013 Established local subsidiaries PT. Fujita Rashi Indonesia and PT. Fujita Hoei Indonesia in Indonesia.
September, 2017 Acquired The IATF16949 certification.
September, 2020 Established local subsidiaries Fujita Rashi Mexico,S.A. de C.V. in Mexico.