Thorough Quality Control

Zero-defect quality control system deployed globally

We practice thorough quality control based on ISO9001 quality standards. Our quality control system was developed and honed in the automobile sector, where there is zero tolerance for defects in important safety-related parts. Applied to a monthly production of 70,000 items, the quality control system has been deployed globally in factories in Japan, America, China and Thailand.

All Fujita employees consider product quality to be the most important issue,and aim accordingly for zero defects. We deliver 100% non-defective products by conducting nondestructive inspections using the latest all-item inspection machines made in America.

Our company-wide commitment to 100% zero-defects is illustrated by our “Morning Meeting,” held three times a week, where we investigate the causes of defects, formulate counter-measures and deploy QC activities. These meetings allow us to find speedy solutions to quality control problems and to implement the necessary measures horizontally. The whole company is united in its achievement of zero defects.

The latest all-item inspection machine made in America “A Morning Meeting”

Quality Policy

“Committed to putting the customer and quality come first”

“Committed to building in quality at the initial stage”

“Committed to quality assurance activities and continuous improvement activities in which all employees take part”