Selected Fastening Methods

We propose optimal fastening methods or systems

Do you have any problems in the screw-tightening process?

We are assembling plastic products, but I’m having problems with two diametrically opposed problems. They are either coming loose or not engaging.

Can’t we fasten the screws automatically?

Production engineer
Is there a fastening method that doesn’t apply pressure (thrust stress) on the product (electronic part)?
Is it possible to have a composite assembly line system that contains machines for supplying parts, press fitting, screw fastening, soldering, painting and inspecting?

Quality assurance manager
Is there a way of managing fastening torque data in order to assure assembled products quality?

Please don’t hesitate to consult us. We will make optimal proposals to you based on our experience and track record. We develop efficient jigs and manufacture automatic screw fastening machines and assembly line systems.

Reducing the stress on products by variable thrust control and shortening cycle times by two-axis simultaneous fastening.
Calculation of optimal fastening torque using waveform software and line simulation in 3D