From Development and Trial Production to Mass Production

Speedy trial production development

We perform integrated manufacturing, all the way from trial production to design, processing, heat treatment, surface treatment and quality control.

Depending on the purpose and specification of the customer’s product, we propose processing methods that prioritize quality, delivery times and cost and also conduct various types of trial production with different materials and shapes.

Developed in the automobile sector, our mass production system offers high product quality and reliability

Our focus is on mass production right from the trial production stage. As well as reducing the lead time between trial production and mass production, we also apply rigorous quality control not just for the trial production but also during mass production.

We build in quality during the process and apply a thorough quality control to ensure that no defective products emerge in post-processing.

Thorough Quality Control

Secondary processing, surface treatment and assembly

In addition to cold heading, thread rolling and cutting processing, we also perform in-house heat treatment and surface treatment. Our heat treatment conforms to ELV regulations and the RoHS Directive. We have completed the switch to chromium-free products that don’t contain any hexavalent chromium.

We deliver environmentally friendly manufacturing, having installed a Geomet processing line ahead of other companies.

Continuous quenching and tempering heat treatment furnace Environmentally friendly Geomet-processed products